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Dear Burner Babes,

The snake goddess on our fifth issue's cover is as ancient as Phoenicia and Egypt, where her magic and mystery ruled. It's as ancient as the cracked, red desert in the heart of Australia where her Aboriginal peoples paint her in pointillism. Venus. Aphrodite. Fertility. Her archetype uncoils through time, shedding her skin through the ages.

We live at the end of an era whereby Reason built a cage to keep the snake goddess in. We have blinded the eye of the Sun God, which was once her role. Terrified of the mystery. Afraid of the dark and unwilling to follow the moon.

The Light of Reason has brought us far, found many useful tools and rules along the way. But it has lost as many tools and rules, those of the intangible, improbable worlds understood by those Reason determined had nothing to offer, only much to take. Today, it justifies burnt women, debt crises, child soldiers, urban ghettos, warlords, land grabs.

We are nearing the end of this era. Occupy Everything indicates everything, as does our growing understanding of the quantic nature of matter, the subjective nature of objectivity. Working together, light and dark, masculine and feminine, head and heart, we find better ways.

Enjoy this issue of Burner. Savour its dark corners and magic moments, as much as you do its warmth and light.